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Images of the food and surroundings at 
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Dragon Chino Restaurant Bar

A restaurant review written by Camie Fenton Sands on Saturday 2nd June, 2012.

Dragon Chino Restaurant Bar offers a funky and friendly ambience with a grand old mesquite tree growing in the middle of the restaurant and excellent chinese food.

In the mood for Chinese food? We choose Dragon Chino / Chinese Dragon in San Miguel when we are. Owner Jose Luis Vargas is passionate about making it the best Chinese food you can find in the state. In fact, this little restaurant stood up to one of Mexico City’s most popular Chinese Restaurants (found in the Condessa District) when I recently visited.

Dragon Chino is located on Salida de Celaya where restaurants are creatively cobbled together, outside of El Centro’s higher rents in the Spanish colonial district. We’d call the atmosphere of the Dragon ‘funky / friendly’ with a grand old mesquite tree growing in the middle of the restaurant and all ensuing ‘architecture’ pieced together of ornate wrought iron and dividers radiating from it. Waiters like Eduardo who grew up in Dallas are on the spot with friendly service.

It’s a good place for that group meal as each individual order can be satisfying for at least two people, depending on how many dishes you order and share. The servings are very generous. To begin, my friend and I ordered the popular Dragon Platter, an appetizer of two each - spring rolls, wonton cheese wraps, ribs and teriyaki beef on skewers. It arrives on a round platter with a flaming brazier in the middle. The spring rolls illustrate what I like about Dragon Chino – even though they are deep-fried they are not ‘grease saturated’. That goes for all the food at Dragon Chino. We played with the fire awhile, keeping our beef teriyaki warm, while deciding on the next course and drinking a Chinese brand beer.

I asked for Dragon Fire Shrimp, at market price 155 pesos. My friend finally decided on Lemon Chicken, 120 pesos. The Dragon Fire Shrimp was all that was promised – very large and tender deep fried shrimp covered in a spicy hot sweet sauce with nicely done broccoli, red pepper and bamboo shoots. It’s one of their most popular dishes, I can see why. It arrived sizzling on the cast iron platter. The Lemon Chicken was truly ‘lemony’. The lemon flavor permeated the breading and then reflected in the sauce complete with water chestnut, red pepper and snow peas. We chose steamed white rice to accompany our dinners. This was not Mexican ‘yellow rice’, but Jasmine rice, as it should be.

The two men from Louisiana at the table next to me swore by the Moo Shu Pork dish and the steamed Chinese dumplings that they’d had to start. That’s another thing about eating at the Chinese Dragon – it’s a friendly place, the waiters are lively and it’s not unusual to have a little exchange about ‘what’s good’ with the table next to you. I like that. So, what’s for lunch today? As always after a visit to Dragon Chino – reheated Chinese food – if in the mood. (I was, and it was great even the second time around!)


Dragon Fire Shrimp, General Tso Chicken

Special Offers

2 for 1 Margaritas Monday through Friday

Dragon Chino Restaurant Bar at a Glance

Serving Chinese cuisine, with an average cost of 130 pesos per person, Dragon Chino Restaurant Bar could be considered Nicely Priced.

Takeout and Home Delivery available.

Visit Dragon Chino Restaurant Bar at

Salida a Celaya #71
(415) 185-8686
Open: Daily noon to 10pm

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